Thursday, April 7, 2011

Noda Village, Iwate Prefecture, Japan

Tomorrow will mark 4 weeks since the Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear Disaster started.  Things around Misawa are pretty much back to normal, as all shops, gas stations and grocery stores are in operation.  With American news Media leading off with stories about Lybia and US Government shutdowns there is still a Major Humanitarian mission going on in Japan.  People are still with out power, food and heat in some of the more desolate places.  Yesterday I joined a group from the Military based to a smaller village about 2 hours south called Noda.  My wife and I had been through there last summer as we went on a weekend camping trip down the East Coast of Iwate Prefecture. I still remember taking photos from a top the sea wall, which is now in some places, simply gone. Noda was one of the more prepared places along the coast with huge 30 foot sea walls and routine Tsunami Evacuation drills. They lost up to 500 homes in a small Neighborhood closest to the water, and fewer than 50 people lost there lives due to the disaster of a town population of 5,000.  Noda, is just the tip of major destruction that the Tsunami created as I am sure it will only get worse in devastation the further south we go.  The clean up effort is just the beginning as it will be months and years before many Japanese people see any type of normalcy.  Please help out in any way you can via American Redcross or if you live in Misawa, please continue to Volunteer at Misawa Helps and Help our local Japanese neighbors in need.  Be a good Human....

Check out the Video Below from Wednesday the 6th of April in Noda Village.