Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oirase Strawberry Farm Clean Up Project.

The Misawa Community has been working hard to help out our Japanese neighbors and I am really impressed with the turn-outs of volunteers.  Today we went to a Strawberry Farm in Oirase Town just south of Misawa that was effected by the Tsunami. We did up to 2 weeks worth of manual labor in a matter of hours with the help of 100 volunteers... Military, Civilians and even the entire High School Senior class from the Base.  It was a very successful day and the family of the farm will be back to growing more delicious strawberries in no time. Here are a few pictures from the day as you can see our mission of the day was to take down and rip up the green-houses so they could re-fertilize and till their soil.  Some great before and after results. For more on how you can help please go sign up and follow along on the  Misawa Help Facebook Page  Lots of opportunities for everyone to go out and "do it."  
Have you done it?

All pictures taken with my Iphone via Instagram.

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