Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Japow Quiver

In preparation for the winter season the Burton Fish's arrived last week, along with 5 sets of Burton Custom EST Bindings with Shred Beds.  Ahh... So Stoked!  And still a few more boards to come. So far I have a pair of 156's and 160's and also a 150 for the little guys and the ladies. Once again these Boards and Bindings will be available to all Japow Tour riders as part of the tour cost.  Pretty incredible deal.
"think snow"

Custom EST Bindings
Shred Bed

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Misawa Sea Port Surfing.

Cold mornings, Offshore winds and big waves. It must be that time of year.  I had to pull out the thick rubber today. Rolling with a 6/5/4 suit from now until April. I surfed most of the time and did not get a chance to take too many picture so these pictures are courtesy of my friend Missy. Thanks again Missy for braving the cold morning to take pictures of your Husband and the rest of us. Its always a good day when the waves are so big you're actually paddling up the face to get over the wave. Had my heart pumping pretty good a few times.

On side note: Bigger waves scare me. I enjoy the drop in and actually surfing bigger waves and being out there but the whole process of paddling out is a whole different story. Taking 10 plus duck dives in 50 degree water in well overhead surf is quite the battle.

James carving out a long bottom turn.
Kourt getting some

One of the 4 waves I got

Sunday, November 14, 2010

It Begins. Winter 2010-2011

Went for a little Recon day in the Hakkoda's with my friends "Danger" Dave and Mike. Bagged 3 peaks and 2  Mountain Huts along the way. Oh yeah there is some snow up there forsure. Hope your as stoked as I am about this coming winter.

Sennintai Hut..Top Door entry in the winter
Odake Summit 1584 Meters
 Odake Hut

Idodake Summit and crater 

 Shrine near Akakuradake Summit

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Oahu, Hawaii

Misawa to Oahu..4 hours by train, 9 hours by Air...

Beaches, Rainbows, night life, good food, shrimp trucks, Pipe, sunsets, palm trees, roast pig, locals only, expensive shopping, cliffs, bad rental cars, surf, pineapple mazes, trade winds, SUP, Apple store, pearl harbor, fire dancing...just a few things we did and saw while on Oahu for a week plus a few.

 RIP A. I.
RIP Andy Irons..who will truly be missed by all. an incredible loss to his family, friends and his millions of fans around the world. 
Remember from surfmovies.co.nr on Vimeo.

Andy Irons from surfmovies.co.nr on Vimeo.