Monday, July 30, 2012

Car Danchi 6 DIY Teaser

In case you missed this over the last couple of days, Its never to early to start thinking about powder especially when its been unbearably hot/humid here in Japan. Here is the latest installment of the Car Danchi Saga Directed by Neil Hatmann....Filmed by? well most of the riders in the movie..Lots of Gopros and other POV cameras.  I got a chance to see a sneak preview of the Film a couple of weeks ago and are really stoked to see the total finish product. Great Music, tight edit and of course plenty of FACE SHOTS!  Another one in the books for the Car Danchi crew continuing to live the dream of prefect powder.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Hokkaido Camping Part 2

After a couple of nights just at the base of Yotei-san we drove a bit south to Lake Toya which is volcanic so the water was pretty warm.  Our camp site was prefect. Right on the water with plenty of shade during the hot afternoons.  We chose most of our camp site close to Onsens as its the best way to stay clean while camping for 10 days.  This camp site had an Onsen within a short walk across a parking lot from out tent site. Eat, have a camp fire, fireworks, eat s'mores, watch the sunset, take an onsen (bath) and go to bed. This was our evening routine every night minus the campfire, fireworks and s'mores.  Really the best way to sleep well while camping...clean and full.

Moving a little north to Jozankei just outside of Sapporo we stayed a night out of our tent at our friends Neil Hartmann guest house/ One Films Studio as He uses the space to edit and master the Car Danchi Saga that continues to grow each year. It was a great way to split up our trip with good company; stay indoors, eat local Indian food and have the Best Onsen of our trip.  It was a major treat! Thanks again Neil to you and your beautiful family for the local Jozankei experience. Next time it will be in winter...

Coming in Part 3: (Asashidake, Tokachidake and Furano.)

At One Films Studio.

Neil in his element.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hokkaido Camping Part 1

The last couple of weeks we embarked on a 10 night camping trip on the North Island of Hokkaido. Here is the first couple of days our are trip, which were pretty rough with a 2 year old. We left Misawa mid-day in route for Oma which is at the very north end of Tohoku in Aomori Prefecture. But first we had to see some Monkeys. Oma is known for their massive Blue fin Tuna. We spent one quick night and hopped the early morning ferry towards Hakodate with our van. Easy ferry ride which was only 1:45 minutes.  Once on land in Hokkaido we went straight towards Niseko and camped at the base of Mt Yotei. Big auto campground with natural spring water coming right off the mountain and a great onsen in Makkari village.  We spent 2 nights there catching up on a couple of travel days and really enjoying some down time in the outdoors and our massive car camping tent.

Coming in Part 2 ( Lake Toya and Jozankei Studio)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hakkoda Movie. By Okaken; 岡健司

During the last couple of seasons I have been lucky enough to ride with some amazingly talented and passionate people at Hakkoda. This is Okaken and this is his new movie about Hakkoda that will come out this fall 2012.  Below are some pictures I took of him while on some adventures and filming excursions. For more about the Hakkoda Movie and Okaken. Check out his web page and also go like his new Facebook page for the movie as it will be updated with new content until the movie comes out. So stoked to see the whole movie and really excited for everyone involved. Heres to dreaming of powder in July.

getting the shot!

The result.