Friday, August 24, 2012

Hakkoda Garage Event: 2012 Flyer

Hakkoda Garage is coming next weekend September 1-2 near the Base of the Hakkoda Ropeway at the Hakkoda Sanso Hotel.  It will be a packed filled weekend with plenty of fun activities, Live Music, Snowboard Movie Premiers, shopping and of course Food.  Read the Slogan: "Friends, Culture and Good Times @ Hakkoda" Pretty much sums it up. Hakkoda is a very special place, so if you do decide to go which I highly recommend, tread lightly and respect your surroundings. I am going and plan on staying there Car Danchi summer style.  Really stoked about this event as it gets everyone excited about the up coming winter that will be here before you know it.  For more Info go to

Also here are some pictures from last years Event---->

If you go on the 1st most of the activity will be happening at night and you will need advanced tickets to listen to the music and see the Movie Premier. Time-1500-2100

Not quite sure if there will be any cost on the 2nd but bring some extra yen anyways as you can always pick up some new gear from Burton or Keen. Time-0900-1600

See you there!

September 1st Hakkoda Movie Premier, by Okaken in the Evening. 

September 2nd Car Danchi 6 "DIY" Movie Premier at 1300

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wild Weasel Triathlon 2012

The 10th Annual Wild Weasel Triathlon was held last weekend on Base in Misawa. Big turn out this year with well over 200 individual athletes and a number of teams of 3 as well. Its a quick race. 400 meter swim, 13k Bike and 5K run. The Japanese come out for the event in full force as there is only one other Triathlon in Aomori Prefecture.  This year I did a bit of training and wanted to better my time from last year. Finished 6th Place overall with a time of 50:13.  Might have to start training for more of these as they get you in great shape. I feel good, healthy and strong. I'm ready for winter hiking in the Hakkodas!

Here a a few pics from the race. For more check out the Misawa 35fss Facebook page.
Pictures-----> CLICK HERE.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nebuta Festival 2012

Last weekend we took part in the Nebuta Festival as a family in Aomori City.  Here is a little edit from the night. Really amazing positive energy throughout the whole night in and out of the parade. The biggest and safest crowds in the world....only in Japan.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Hokkaido Camping Part 4

Our final 2 nights where spent at Lake Shikotsu and in the city of Hakodate. It was quite a drive from Furano to Lake Shikostu, but once we sent up camp, I took a little bike ride around the lake before we had dinner and our final Onsen/bath of our trip. We camped right on the beach next to the lake which sounded like a great idea until the middle of the night when the wind was blowing the cool air off the water into our tent. A surprisingly chilly night.  The following day we drove another long leg south to Hakodate. Forgot to take many Pictures of Hakodate, but a really cool city and wished we had spent a little more time there.  It really is a small version of San Francisco with the hill side roads slammed up against the bay and harbor.  Would love to try to make it back there someday. Highly recommend.  Good beer too! We spent our final night in a Business hotel near downtown and grabbed the early morning ferry for Oma. Once on the main island we pinned for home. No place like home after 11 days on the road.

 We drove 2100km total door to door and helped keep plenty of Lawsons and Circle K's in business along the way. A least 2 convenient store stops per day, and are pretty sure we had Ice cream cones everyday on the trip...always in search of the prefect cream in Hokkaido.  I think we may have found it at Lake Onuma just north of Hakodate. 

It was a great trip and I will never forgot it.  Thank you Hokkaido for all the great memories.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hokkaido Camping Part 3

After a great visit in Jozankei we headed deeper into Hokkaido in search of Volcanic Mountains and flower fields.  It was a long day of driving so we stopped along the way to look at flowers, play at parks and skate. Our first night was at Asashidake. We camped right at the base of the ropeway and had an amazingly clear night for star gazing.  The next day we went to the Zoo in the morning before working our way down into the Furano Valley area which is famous for there flower fields in the summer months.  The next couple of days we spent checking out the area and even going as high as you can drive on a paved road in Hokkaido to Tokachidake spa.  Great place year round and can't wait to check it out in the winter, although it is the coldest place on the island. 

Finally in Part 4 (Lake Shikotsu and Hakodate) 

Tokachidate spa view
Furano Area

Our Campsite..Free site..great views.