Friday, August 3, 2012

Hokkaido Camping Part 4

Our final 2 nights where spent at Lake Shikotsu and in the city of Hakodate. It was quite a drive from Furano to Lake Shikostu, but once we sent up camp, I took a little bike ride around the lake before we had dinner and our final Onsen/bath of our trip. We camped right on the beach next to the lake which sounded like a great idea until the middle of the night when the wind was blowing the cool air off the water into our tent. A surprisingly chilly night.  The following day we drove another long leg south to Hakodate. Forgot to take many Pictures of Hakodate, but a really cool city and wished we had spent a little more time there.  It really is a small version of San Francisco with the hill side roads slammed up against the bay and harbor.  Would love to try to make it back there someday. Highly recommend.  Good beer too! We spent our final night in a Business hotel near downtown and grabbed the early morning ferry for Oma. Once on the main island we pinned for home. No place like home after 11 days on the road.

 We drove 2100km total door to door and helped keep plenty of Lawsons and Circle K's in business along the way. A least 2 convenient store stops per day, and are pretty sure we had Ice cream cones everyday on the trip...always in search of the prefect cream in Hokkaido.  I think we may have found it at Lake Onuma just north of Hakodate. 

It was a great trip and I will never forgot it.  Thank you Hokkaido for all the great memories.

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