Monday, September 21, 2009

Porters Product Review "Forum 2010 Snowboards"

Last season asked us to help them out with some product review for the new 2010 Forum Snowboard line. Pretty embarrassing really, but I figure you can all laugh at my expense. So let the rousting begin... For more go to and buy something this year..its going to be an "El Nino" year.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Surfing... Misawa, Japan

This last week I was so desperate to surf that I rented a board from the base outdoor Rec. The waves were pretty small but it was great to a least get wet for a few days. It is taking way to long for our stuff to get here...aka surfboards. Check out the short Video..not to many places where you can drive right onto the beach and park..

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fish Market Friday

This place is great!...well that is if you like seafood and are willing to try some pretty interesting stuff. If it lives in the sea? They eat it...I mean all of it. There are not too many countries in the world where you can eat Whale...well Japan is one of them. You can have Whale tung or have a nice filet, which actually looked pretty good. I held back from buying anything because we were on a tour but once we go back its on.

So just a short list of thing to offer.

Squid beer mugs made with squid skin so when you pour your beer it will have a slight squid taste to it.

Live Octopus anyone?
Now this one i actually tried... in the middle of picture the clear noodle looking things..thats Shark Fin..take that you shark!, But I still have great respect for the man eating Fish.

And last...the Whale Filets and samples..ill have to go back later.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sushi round 1

My first sushi experience in Japan was everything I hoped for. One big bar of fresh fish to eat. NO fancy rolls, just raw fish. I even tried something new with the help of the sushi chef.

Step 1: rip off the tail of shrimp or whatever it was? Eat the body of the thing with rice.

Step 2: rip open the head of the shrimp and expose the brains which was the size of a large bean.

Step 3: dip head and brains in soy sauce and slurp up and eat brains.

It was surprisingly pretty good? It kind of tasted a little meaty. Overall I ate way too much but am ready for round 2 any time. Kanpai!