Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sushi round 1

My first sushi experience in Japan was everything I hoped for. One big bar of fresh fish to eat. NO fancy rolls, just raw fish. I even tried something new with the help of the sushi chef.

Step 1: rip off the tail of shrimp or whatever it was? Eat the body of the thing with rice.

Step 2: rip open the head of the shrimp and expose the brains which was the size of a large bean.

Step 3: dip head and brains in soy sauce and slurp up and eat brains.

It was surprisingly pretty good? It kind of tasted a little meaty. Overall I ate way too much but am ready for round 2 any time. Kanpai!

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  1. EWWW! meghan toldme about this...u are a brave one! miss u guys!!xoxo