Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter Surfing in Misawa

Last week I went for my first mid-winter surf session. Thanks to Teddy at 118 Boardshop for the Oneill Wetsuit 6/5/4 mil with hood. Along, with 7 mil booties and 3 millimeter gloves/ mittens.  Yes, it's that cold.  And most of the Japanese locals use dry suites.  With snow on the beach and flurries through out our session..almost felt like a pow day. The first couple shots are with my camera, but once again Missy braved the cold temperatures to take some great shots of us. Thanks again Missy! These are some great ones. Cold, but tolerable surf session with waist-chest high wave conditions and a few sneaker shoulder high sets and snowing offshore winds..just tried really hard not to have to duck dive too many waves..major ice-cream headaches.
          Pretty crowded though..

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Unofficial Japow Tour day..

Last week I went in search of this place that I have heard about since we moved here....I thought about it all summer into the fall and knew when there was enough snow I was going to check it out for myself.  An abandoned ski resort, within a 2 hour drive from Misawa that will remain nameless.  For those who have lived in Japan since before 2007 you might have skied this very place, but for now it sits frozen in time, literally.

My friends Dave & Mukai joined me on this mission to find untouched pow for those who want to earn their turns.  The hiking part, really wasn't that bad but, the 50 plus mile per hour wind gust.. head on,  really slowed us down.  Sharing duties at the front was essential.

Midway up the mountain signs of danger where lurking with boulder sized chunks broken off from the cornice above us.  Immediately taking action to find safe routes and finding zone in which to dig a test pit.  After 2 different test pits, we all concluded that is was better to turn around and ride safely through the trees until we hit lower angle slopes. Safety First kids!  Although failing to summit our mission..we found some other interesting discoveries. I will let the pictures say the rest..also finishing up our day and an amazing outdoor onsen. Can't wait to go back, when conditions permit.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Japow Tour (Shane & Ian)

After weeks of snow at Hakkoda and no end in sight the sun and the weather decided to cooperate for one day. With 50cm of fresh snow... on top of the 350cm base, Hakkoda is border line... too much snow as the backside of the Mountain is un-passable at the moment.  Everything was waist-chest-neck deep with every turn was either complete white-out face shot or over head blower.  Pretty Epic day with a great crew. Props to Shane & Ian for hanging...they where always down for a new line or adventure. These guys ripped today!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011 won't stop snowing

Hakkoda is a pretty amazing seems to have its own weather system. With over 10 Feet of snow in the last couple of weeks this place is really starting to turn on.  Almost too Deep in some sections. Here are a few shots and short Video from yesterdays adventures. Check out my van after only a few hours of riding, absolutely puking out there.   "think Japow"

60 Seconds at Hakkoda from Paul Vanderheiden on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mu and his Burton Fish

In case you haven't seen this already, its a Rad edit of  Burton team rider Stephan Maurer Shredding a Burton Fish...Who said its just a POW board?  Come on a Japow Tour and try one of these boards. It will change the way you look at snowboarding or not. "think snow"

Monday, January 3, 2011

Japow Tour Day 1

Happy New Year!

Nothing like 70cm of Fresh Powder to start off the New Year and to kick off the First Official Japow Tour. Takanori & Junichi were my first guest of the Season. Amazing day and snow at Hakkoda for this time of year. Pretty good coverage all over the front side of the Mountain with a 200cm base.  We did not venture off the back side as there where massive amounts of large tour groups headed in that direction.  I can never quite figure out why people want to ride in the backcountry with 50 plus of your closes friends.  I'll stick the rule that 5 is too many.  In gearing up at the car I was too excited to get some freshies that I forgot my camera, typical I know.  So here are a few shot from my Iphone & Instagram.

Thanks again to Takanori and Junichi! "think Japow"