Monday, January 17, 2011

The Unofficial Japow Tour day..

Last week I went in search of this place that I have heard about since we moved here....I thought about it all summer into the fall and knew when there was enough snow I was going to check it out for myself.  An abandoned ski resort, within a 2 hour drive from Misawa that will remain nameless.  For those who have lived in Japan since before 2007 you might have skied this very place, but for now it sits frozen in time, literally.

My friends Dave & Mukai joined me on this mission to find untouched pow for those who want to earn their turns.  The hiking part, really wasn't that bad but, the 50 plus mile per hour wind gust.. head on,  really slowed us down.  Sharing duties at the front was essential.

Midway up the mountain signs of danger where lurking with boulder sized chunks broken off from the cornice above us.  Immediately taking action to find safe routes and finding zone in which to dig a test pit.  After 2 different test pits, we all concluded that is was better to turn around and ride safely through the trees until we hit lower angle slopes. Safety First kids!  Although failing to summit our mission..we found some other interesting discoveries. I will let the pictures say the rest..also finishing up our day and an amazing outdoor onsen. Can't wait to go back, when conditions permit.

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  1. Looks like some sweet lines to be had there!