Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter Surfing in Misawa

Last week I went for my first mid-winter surf session. Thanks to Teddy at 118 Boardshop for the Oneill Wetsuit 6/5/4 mil with hood. Along, with 7 mil booties and 3 millimeter gloves/ mittens.  Yes, it's that cold.  And most of the Japanese locals use dry suites.  With snow on the beach and flurries through out our session..almost felt like a pow day. The first couple shots are with my camera, but once again Missy braved the cold temperatures to take some great shots of us. Thanks again Missy! These are some great ones. Cold, but tolerable surf session with waist-chest high wave conditions and a few sneaker shoulder high sets and snowing offshore winds..just tried really hard not to have to duck dive too many waves..major ice-cream headaches.
          Pretty crowded though..