Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blue Bird Day at Hakkoda. (Japow Tour)

Hakkoda only gets a handful of Blue Bird (sunny) mornings and afternoons in the months of January and February so when the sun peaks out you have to be on it.  Lucky for my 2 guest Mukai and Kudou today was one of those very precious days, but only for the morning as cloudy sky's  covered the Hakkoda's in the late afternoon.  Check out the pictures from the day..Pretty unreal...I will post more nature shots from today's tour in the next post.  Hello February!

 Mukai & Kudou

 Fresh Tracks anyone?


  1. Unreal Paul. Looks amazing. Kim and I are thinking of hitting up Japan sometime next year, just a thought right now, but would be cool to see the Vanderheiden family...

  2. Those things are ridiculously amazing! I must see them for myself!