Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oirase Strawberry Farm Clean Up Project.

The Misawa Community has been working hard to help out our Japanese neighbors and I am really impressed with the turn-outs of volunteers.  Today we went to a Strawberry Farm in Oirase Town just south of Misawa that was effected by the Tsunami. We did up to 2 weeks worth of manual labor in a matter of hours with the help of 100 volunteers... Military, Civilians and even the entire High School Senior class from the Base.  It was a very successful day and the family of the farm will be back to growing more delicious strawberries in no time. Here are a few pictures from the day as you can see our mission of the day was to take down and rip up the green-houses so they could re-fertilize and till their soil.  Some great before and after results. For more on how you can help please go sign up and follow along on the  Misawa Help Facebook Page  Lots of opportunities for everyone to go out and "do it."  
Have you done it?

All pictures taken with my Iphone via Instagram.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Burton Freebird Splitboard day.

With the latest tragedies, life has been quite stressful and I really needed to release some of my energy and get some serious exercise and yes go snowboarding to keep my mind in the right state.  Had a great day in the Hakkoda's just riding with friends and happened to run into Mune-san and crew from About Shop Thanks for breaking trail for us! aka Ian.  Today, I had a special guest in form of the Burton Freebird splitboard via my very gracious friend. Thanks Kourt, I think I might have to get one now.  For a guy(me) who has never skied a day in his life, it felt a little funny touring around on those long skinny things, but it worked out great and by the end of the day I starting to get the hang of it. Pretty affective  system.  Oh yeah the Powder was pretty good too...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Earthquake Aftermath in Misawa, Japan

This last week has been filled with loss and sadness for the entire country of Japan. Here in Misawa we are all very fortunate that we have seen little damage except for the Misawa Fishing port and the surrounding beaches. Hachinohe Fishing Port saw a considerable amount as well with huge ships in the middle of roads.  The American and Japaneses Red Cross along with US Military and French Special forces Search and Rescue has been taking volunteers via Bus to theses locations for the passed week to help clean up the mess that was created by the Tsunami.  With my wife working 12 hour days since the Disaster and having a 11 month old to take care of it has been hard to get away and Help with the clean up efforts.  Yesterday I dropped off the little guy at the baby sitters so I could get out to the Hachinohe Fishing port area to help with the cause. For those who live in Misawa, I strongly encourage you to go help our local Japanese Neighbors any way you can. There is months and years of humanitarian work to be done.

Here are some Pictures from yesterday as our mission was to clean up and clear out buildings with trash in it and then organzine them onto pallets to be taken away. We got a lot done and was great day for Labor work.

Japan will rebuild again.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Earthquake at Hakkoda

Went to Hakkoda last Friday for a fun day with my friend Mukai-san.  No Tours, no waiting, just riding fast and tons of pow turns, until 246pm when I was thankfully in the parking lot when the earthquake hit.  The cars starting to move side to side and jumping out of there spaces. People where running out the main tram building for safety as there where more people stuck on the Tram itself.  What a ride they had? Here are a few pictures from the day before all the craziness happened.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Japow Tour (Alex & Jarred)

Still plenty of fresh tracks to be had at Hakkoda.  Here are a few pics from today.  Alex and Jarred where super troopers today as we had lots of great adventures.  These guys rip with the best of them.
Stay Safe and Think Powder




Saturday, March 5, 2011

Japow Tour (Tony & Matt)

Deep.... Deep day at Hakkoda.  Super busy weekend at the ropeway, can't remember the last time waiting for 3 trams for 2 runs in a row.  Too many people and too much snow, but the Powder always makes it worth it.  Great times with a rad crew... Thanks for coming out today Tony & Matt!

Tony getting some
Matt on it.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Japow Tour (Dave) Part II

Winter is back, feels like mid-January at Hakkoda. White-out conditions and hallowing winds to shut down the ropeway at 11am.  Good thing Dave from Black Diamond was in town.  Not too many people are willing to go hike mid-day in such conditions.  The end result was amazing blower, bottomless turns through steep trees.  Lucky to have such a great client willing to really earn it. Much more about quality than quantity today.  It was as good as Japan gets! Thanks again Dave for coming out...I am sure I will see you next year.  Can't wait  to see the head cam footage.

Ropeway Suspended due to HIgh winds.