Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Earthquake Aftermath in Misawa, Japan

This last week has been filled with loss and sadness for the entire country of Japan. Here in Misawa we are all very fortunate that we have seen little damage except for the Misawa Fishing port and the surrounding beaches. Hachinohe Fishing Port saw a considerable amount as well with huge ships in the middle of roads.  The American and Japaneses Red Cross along with US Military and French Special forces Search and Rescue has been taking volunteers via Bus to theses locations for the passed week to help clean up the mess that was created by the Tsunami.  With my wife working 12 hour days since the Disaster and having a 11 month old to take care of it has been hard to get away and Help with the clean up efforts.  Yesterday I dropped off the little guy at the baby sitters so I could get out to the Hachinohe Fishing port area to help with the cause. For those who live in Misawa, I strongly encourage you to go help our local Japanese Neighbors any way you can. There is months and years of humanitarian work to be done.

Here are some Pictures from yesterday as our mission was to clean up and clear out buildings with trash in it and then organzine them onto pallets to be taken away. We got a lot done and was great day for Labor work.

Japan will rebuild again.

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  1. Great blog! It was a great feeling finally getting out and really doing something to help make a difference!