Sunday, March 27, 2011

Burton Freebird Splitboard day.

With the latest tragedies, life has been quite stressful and I really needed to release some of my energy and get some serious exercise and yes go snowboarding to keep my mind in the right state.  Had a great day in the Hakkoda's just riding with friends and happened to run into Mune-san and crew from About Shop Thanks for breaking trail for us! aka Ian.  Today, I had a special guest in form of the Burton Freebird splitboard via my very gracious friend. Thanks Kourt, I think I might have to get one now.  For a guy(me) who has never skied a day in his life, it felt a little funny touring around on those long skinny things, but it worked out great and by the end of the day I starting to get the hang of it. Pretty affective  system.  Oh yeah the Powder was pretty good too...


  1. I love it! Keep your head up budday!

  2. The Freebird looked pretty good, hope you enjoyed it. Kourt