Monday, August 31, 2009

Lets get lost drive...

So a couple of days ago we busted our dog templar out of prison, i mean kennel for a lets go "get lost drive." We just so happened to take the road directly to the Pacific ocean. One day prior to our "get lost drive" I stumbled into a local surf shop in Misawa called 338surf. I rapped out with the owner for a bit and he showed me a few spots on google earth of where to surf in the area. He told me in the winter "dry suites" are a must, if you want to surf? Yeah we'll see..I'm counting on riding a different kind of wave this winter.....ok back on getting lost. We took a left coming out of the main gate of the AF Base and followed it right to the Pacific Ocean. A five minute drive. Took a quick left when it dead ends and pulled it a small parking lot on the right and walked up over this grassy knoll and my eyes light up like christmas morning. It was offshore winds, sunny about chest to maybe shoulder high and this left was pealing off this jetty like it was Newport 54th street minus the crowds of course. I couldn't believe it? Surf this close to home? So hyped! But reality soon set in as my Boards are still in transport from the US. So to all my fellow surfers out there who are planning in coming to Japan for snowboarding...there is pretty good surf too. We are in the heart of typhoon season right now and it will continue until November. These typhoon produce great swell for the East coast of Japan much like Hurricane season for the East coast of the US. I will produce more once I actually get my boards and wet suits here.

"Surfing a source... it will change your life...swear to God" Thank you Point Break.

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  1. Glad you made it to Japan okay!!! Templar is such a trooper!!! Looks like you and Meghan are going to have a blast! Hopefully I can make it over from Korea this winter to visit!