Thursday, August 27, 2009

Templar goes to Japan

Traveling with a Dog to a foreign Country is not easy. There is so much paper work and quarantine issues that one has do deal with. Here are a few pics from Templar's experience to Japan. Just a quick little run down on her adventure.
  • Fly from SFO-TYO 15 hours in kennel
  • Spend a night in a pet Hotel
  • Drive between 2 ariports
  • Fly from TYO-Misawa 3 hours in kennel
  • Now stuck in kennel on base until our house is ready next week, but we can take her out for a few hours a day for a play. This dog is so traumatized...probably thinking its never going to end.
Meanwhile our dog we left behind Marley is living it up in Scottsdale chasing rabbits and lizards. Somehow Marley got the better end of the deal for the time being. Enjoy the Pics...

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