Saturday, August 15, 2009

6,000 Pounds of stuff!

It's amazing, that in 48 hours your entire life can be packed into boxes and wooden crates. Our first shipment will fly by air and should be there within a months time. (1,000 lbs) Important contents include: surfboards, skateboards, beach cruisers and clothes...and really what else do you need? The rest of our 5,000 pounds were packed into wooden crates and will be shipped via slow boat on a cargo ship to Japan. They board up your life and tell you the next time this is open in will be in front of your house. Yeah I hope so...


  1. WOWZA!! that's a lot of stuff! I think u failed to mention the decrease in clothes and shoes that meg and i worked SO hard to get rid of while u were gone!! :) HA! love u guys!!!

  2. Yeah Katy...thanks for taking care of her while I was away..