Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hakkoda Movie. By Okaken; 岡健司

During the last couple of seasons I have been lucky enough to ride with some amazingly talented and passionate people at Hakkoda. This is Okaken and this is his new movie about Hakkoda that will come out this fall 2012.  Below are some pictures I took of him while on some adventures and filming excursions. For more about the Hakkoda Movie and Okaken. Check out his web page and also go like his new Facebook page for the movie as it will be updated with new content until the movie comes out. So stoked to see the whole movie and really excited for everyone involved. Heres to dreaming of powder in July.

getting the shot!

The result.


  1. My name is Eric Scott,
    I was stationed at Misawa US Air Base in Japan.
    In 1986 I rode a Burton Cruser down the backside of Mount Hakkoda.
    I beleive that I'm the first person to ever do that.

  2. In 1986, while stationed at Misawa US Air Base, I rode a Burton Cruzer down the back side of Mount Hakkoda. I think I'm the first person to take a snowboard all the way down Hokkado.