Saturday, November 20, 2010

Misawa Sea Port Surfing.

Cold mornings, Offshore winds and big waves. It must be that time of year.  I had to pull out the thick rubber today. Rolling with a 6/5/4 suit from now until April. I surfed most of the time and did not get a chance to take too many picture so these pictures are courtesy of my friend Missy. Thanks again Missy for braving the cold morning to take pictures of your Husband and the rest of us. Its always a good day when the waves are so big you're actually paddling up the face to get over the wave. Had my heart pumping pretty good a few times.

On side note: Bigger waves scare me. I enjoy the drop in and actually surfing bigger waves and being out there but the whole process of paddling out is a whole different story. Taking 10 plus duck dives in 50 degree water in well overhead surf is quite the battle.

James carving out a long bottom turn.
Kourt getting some

One of the 4 waves I got


  1. Dude, I know that water wall ballzzz cold but nice drop in; looks like u were getting some tube action.....