Monday, April 18, 2011

Hakkoda Hut Mission

The Hakkoda mountains have a couple of huts/ cabins you can stay in on a first come basis and its free to anyone. Just make sure you bring enough gas to heat the place in winter. We saw down poor rain, hail, lightning, thunder, snow, strong winds...oh yeah Hakkoda never disappoints.  Its a great place to camp and ride with endless terrain right at your morning doorstep. Wake up with no rush, have your coffee and pick out our lines.  On our second day we had good visibility and great April powder turns.  We bagged the highest peak in the Hakkoda range ( Mt. Odake) and then set off for some smaller peaks in the area which turned out to be the best turns of the trip.  So long Nate and enjoy your next adventure..Hakkoda will always be waiting for you.

First view of the morning 

Nate. And you can see the hut in the background

coming up the south east side of Odake.

Odake in the Background, our morning assent.

Rush hour/ lunch time at the Hut...with our mid morning bowl in the Background.

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  1. Great post!

    Despite the reality of recent events (i.e. 3.11), really stoked that you guys had the epic winter that you did.