Monday, April 25, 2011

R Bowl at Hakkoda for Japan Relief

Snowboarders can raise money too.  With no end insight for the disaster relief efforts in Japan, local snowboarders from Aomori Prefecture and all of Tohoku came together to help support and raise money for those hard to reach places which still need help. They raised over $1000 and much more in food and clothing.  I will be joining up with Hosaka-san and crew to help raise more food and clothing for a drive down to the effected areas later next month.  So for those who can help?   Please contact me at for clothing and food donations. I will start collecting today.

 R Bowl is a snowboard event with roots in skate influence.  It really felt like I was back in Flagstaff, AZ skateparks flowing through the bowls. R Bowl was so much fun with endless lines and possibilities.  I imagine this event will only get bigger and better each year that goes on. Thanks to all who came out to help make a small difference in a much bigger problem. Some great shots taken my Meghan as I got to ride a bit, before I got behind the lens.

Here is also a quick video from R Bowl.. 

Please Help Japan.

Thank you!


Mune-san from About shop in Towada

Had to get a front side slash in there.

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