Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October Frothing

It always seams like once October rolls around all I can think about is Snowboarding and season to come. The leaves turn, the air gets cooler, the waves just teasing you with shorten delights that can never really match a good pow day. You take that last great camping trip before it gets too cold for real enjoyment. Each season has its own special feel and Fall is always a time of anticipation for me. How much snow are we going to get this year? What trips are being planned?  Will this be the year when I get that perfect day of riding? Its all about the search this year... New Country(Japan), people, mountains, terrain, and new snow. And Yes, new dangers. Hence the new added safety measures for the season. (Avalung II, Beacon, Shovel and Probe.) This is the time of year that all the new snow videos(DVD's) come out, does anyone still have VHS? Its been rough..I haven't seen any new Vid's yet? The snow towns are starting to fill up with seasonal help to bump chairs, wash dishes, and wax your boards. A few Resorts made a big push in a desperate way to be the first opened this season. Loveland was the winner and Boreal came through for a weekend.  Meanwhile in Japan it still has yet to snow. I' am sure once winter turns on here it won't stop for at least 6-8 months. Its weird, I always remember the first day on the hill of the season. I can remember last years like it was yesterday: hiking and making heavy wet pow turns at Mt. Rose on Nov. 6th with Jeff and Trevor. Its was the only way to kick off the season.  Here are a few shots from last year on day one.

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