Saturday, October 3, 2009

Giant Jellyfish

So I went for a Saturday morning surf in Misawa. As I was putting on my wetsuit a fellow surfer told me, "there are jelly fish in the water so be careful." OK I was warned. Surfing in California I rarely ran across many jellies and when I did there would only be a few in the line up. Well this morning was different. I have never seen such HUGE Jellies in the line up in my life. The Giant Jellies where at least 2 feet wide, nasty looking and everywhere. While paddling out I was very careful not to put my hand on one and I could even feel a few getting caught in my leash. Those jellies where heavy and pretty freaky. Needless to say I was not in the water too long as the line up was infested with Jellies. I caught a few set waves and went in free of any jelly stings. I hope those Giant Jellies wash away and find a new home.

Towards the bottom of the picture..see that Jelly?

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