Friday, March 9, 2012

Takadaodake: Japow Tour

Takadaodake sits 1552 meters high.  The fastest way to access this beast is by hiking for up to 3 hours from Yachi Onsen.  Its a south facing slope so she gets lots of sun and is prefect for early spring time riding. This is not a hike for the weak. We had blue sky all morning and then clouds rolled in just as we left the peak. Perfect timing to a prefect day. The open bowl was a little firm but the lower section had a great backside lip to slash. Ready for summer time surfing.

On a side note: I broke my snowshoes half way up the face and will be split-boarding for the remainder of the season.  Bummed but it will force me to ride the split more.  Heres to more Backcountry Adventures. 

Takadaodake 1552M
Parking lot prep.

Yes we are going to the Top
Mid accent

On top looking back towards Odake-san


Me, Josh, Mukai

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