Thursday, September 1, 2011

Takada-Odake, Hakkoda

Takada-Odake stands alone amongst the Hakkoda Mountain range.  I stare at this mountain from Misawa every time we have a clear day and wish I was standing on top of it.  It has a very Iconic cone shape and appears to be the the tallest in the northern Hakkdoa range but is edged out by Odake-san by 30 meters or so. Our day started from Yachi-onsen, where the trail disappears into the forrest. Yes Disappears. I wouldn't even call this a trail, but more of a route, or rain run off, or an animal trail. We where straight bushwhacking for the 2.5 hour accent.  But once you can get a glimpse of the top or peak your head out of the tree canopy it makes it all worth the effort. Again, we had great weather while climbing and at the Summit but once we started to descend the skies closed in and it rained on us all the way home.

This trail is not for the average hiker. If you do venture into this tail/route/animal trail, be prepared for the worst: boots,gators, pants, long sleeves, gloves, hiking poles, etc.  I would bring a machete or a chain saw really. Yes, it was that bad.  I knew the trail was going to be rough, but once again the Hakkoda mountains far exceeded my expectations.

"Hakkoda never disappoints."  Those words should be on a T-shirt somewhere.

All pictures with Cannon G10 and Iphone using Instagram.

Enter here

Muddy trail.

Takada-Odake in the background

trail mushrooms

Mukai-san poking his head out.

Can you see the trail?

Takada-odake shrine

Mukai-san giving thanks for safe passage up the mountain.


Summit mini beers.

Cheers! Its a tradition now.

the way down is through there.

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