Monday, August 29, 2011

Iwate-san Camping and Hiking.

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 Iwate-san is a massive mountain/volcano at 2038meters located in Northern Iwate Prefecture. The accent was just over 1500meters in vertical climb.  There are many routes to reach the summit but we chose the most direct as we did an out and back climb. Our intentions where to camp the night before the climb at the base of the trail head and get an early start, but with larger groups its not always possible. I myself was stalling, enjoying drinking my hot coffee and eating oatmeal while gazing at what we where about to climb. After doing Fuji last year, I would have to say this is a shorter hike but a bit more difficult, at least the route we went.

The campground is in a perfect location with a huge lava field and the Yakibashiri Onsen just adjacent to it and the trail head. Nothing like a soak after a long day of hiking. Great mountain and trail as I am excited to check out some other routes in the future.

Here are some pics from the trip. All shots with my Canon G10.


lava field

morning view from camp site


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