Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mt.Takada Odake, Hike & Ride Mission

5am alarm is usually not the norm, but when powder calls you have to go get it while its fresh.  Last night I got and email from Mune-san from About Snowboard shop wanting to go hike a Peak in the Hakkoda Mountain range called Mt. Takada Odake.  Its 1552 meter high and it's the second highest peak in the Hakkoda's.  The climb itself is over 800 meters in vertical from the parking lot, thats around 2,625 vertical feet to my friends in the States.  Whaoooo, it took a soild 3 hours to hike this beast but well worth the reward.  The open bowl turns were 1,800 vertical feet of freshie goodness. The rest of the ride down was through well spaced beach and pine trees.  Sometimes you really have to earn your turns and today was one of those days. We couldn't have asked for a better day. Sunny, clear at the top to where we could see Mt. Iwate-san to the south and Mt. Iwaki-san to the West and we could barely make out the north Island Hokkaido...pretty magical day.  Thank you Mune-san and Koji-san Blog for taking me today...
.."So Stoked" to be there.

Mt. Takada Odake in the background...

Koji-san, our guide for the day. Safety First kids.


Iwate-san in the can even see Appi-Kogen
Summit Shrine..Pray to the Snow Gods...

Mt Iwaki-san in the distance

"Kampai" Mune-san! reward.


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