Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Down Days in Misawa, Japan

With warming temperatures and rain in the forecast, YES rain. We opted for some down days and touring around Misawa and Hachinohe. Climate change is definitely effecting Japan as well. For more on how to protect out winters go to POW and get involved.  On to what we did? Bars, Beach, Fish Market, Shinto shrine's, Buddhist Temples, Samurai Houses and Bamboo Forest. Not and any particular order.
 Nomi, Nomi,...Kampai

Ag-san from 338 Surf

Old Samurai House

Trevor's Future Album cover

Mukai-san, Takanori-san, Ag-san.. and some Beardo

Cheers! Trevor..thanks for coming

And thanks for the SuperFeet ! I'm a believer

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