Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mike Basich in Japan

Here is a clip of Mike Basich in Japan cat-boarding last year. A true legend in snowboarding and has been living the DIY lifestyle for many years now. Mikey is someone I truly admire and envy in the snowboarding community.  He is great inspiration in taking old trash and making it work for something completely different. You want to learn how to make snowshoes out of street signs? Or even make your own split board? Then go to Mike's site. at and check out all great DIY (do it yourself) projects.

Hikaigahara Cat Tour from 241 on Vimeo.

For someone who loves snowboarding for what it is and how it really helped improved his life , check out this Film about Mikey Open Spaces. "think snow" and love the life that you are given.

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