Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Williams Peak Hut Day 3

Day 3: Consisted of Route Planning through terrain and more snow observations. Another 30cm of new snow on top of an already very week layer kept us to low angle slopes. Just another day in least thats what it felt like. Deep turns and a few face shots. Stoked to be on Pow again. 

Traveling from the hut to the trail head was interesting on a snowboard as there where lots of ups and down...but managed to make it with a little one foot action. Overall a great trip and can't wait to get back up to the Williams Peak Hut for another trip or Course.  

Hoping to take this Chute style course in Late April...  Anyone want to join? 

Overnight snow!

skin up

I'll take a turn...
Ok now you go..


Chris our guide

Photo bombed 

3 days later.

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