Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Stanley/ Williams Peak Yurt Day 1

Its Been over ten years since I have taken a formal Avalanche course and it was ten too many. 

This is Part 1 of 3: 

Last week I took an AIARE Level 1 Avalanche course with Sawtooth Mountain Guides at their remote location in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho. The Williams Peak Yurt is located about 5-6 miles outside of Stanley, ID at the Base of Williams Peak. It was a 3 day course with a great crew of individuals that all brought something different to offer. I can't thank our Guides Chris, Sara and Kirk enough for such an amazing course and learning environment. 

Before I get too deep into the course, let me back up to our day and night in Stanley. I had about a 3.5 plus hour drive from Mountain Home, ID to Stanley which was pretty boring until I approached Galena Summit and worked my way towards Smiley Creek and Stanley.  My buddy Collin and I spent a short night in Stanley at Jerry's Motel/ Country Store...great location right on the river.  We had a quick bite for dinner at the Mountain Village lodge and planned/ packed our gear for following day skin to Williams Peak Yurt with our class.  

The approach is a 5-6 mile skin(Hike) with about 2000ft in elevation gain.  Overall pretty mellow, but its still a 3-4 hour hike with a full load on your back.  Once at the hut we went over some companion rescue skills in the field before dinner followed by a nightly presentation.  Full day! 

Coming up in Part 2.....NEW Snow observations, Snow profiles, snowpits, a short tour and real world companion rescue situations. 

Coming down the north side of Galena Summit

Jerry's Motel View
Our friend at dinner
Checking out the area.
Early morning from Jerry's
Skin to the Yurt

Day 1 at the Williams Peak Yurt
Night Class at the Yurt

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