Monday, March 5, 2012

Aoni Onsen

We took a break from snowboarding this weekend....not sure why...but it was worth it. Its always good to go completely off the grid. No computers, no iphones, no electricity. Just Oil Lamps, good food and a hot Onsen to keep you warm. This place is like going back in time as what it might have been like staying at a hotel in Japan 50 years ago. Aoni is deep in the Mountains near the base of the Hakkodas and is an Onsen heaven with 4 baths to choose to from.  I only made into 2 of them as I really enjoy the outdoor baths the best especially when the snow is falling.  Here are a few pictures from our one night stay. Can't wait to go back or try someplace different. Japan is truly a special place. 

almost spelled my name right

My favorite one.

Outdoor Bath


Our window view


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