Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hakkoda: Cycling, Camping, Hiking

Along with the Hakkoda Garage Event we squeezed in a little cycling and hiking the day of and after.  

Day 1: Saturday we got a late start a decided to cycle around the ring road of the Hakkodas, I have driven this road many times but you never really realized how much you climb until you do it on a bike.  We started from Sakayu Onsen and descended towards the ropeway and Aomori City, had a small climb up towards the Dozo tea house and then more descending until we reached the foot Onsen (which is still not running?). From here it is a constant climb for 10 miles to the 1040 meter summit.  Our descend into Sakayu was less than ideal as we had very low visibility, rain and wet roads. Got to love the Hakkodas, the mountains must know I was there because, I always have some sort of weather when in the Hakkodas. The world famous Sakayu Onsen never felt so good that night.

Day 2: Hiking. Meghan has yet to hike in the Hakkodas top to bottom in the summer so hey, lets do Odake and call it a weekend.  Yep we had some weather. Rain, then rain and some more rain.  After 4 hours of hiking in rain we called it quits.  It did manage to clear up just a little for me to take a few pictures though.  Only a couple more weeks and all that green will be changing to fall yellow, orange and reds. All pictures taken with Iphone via Intagram and Canon G10.

Meghan checking out the route.

None working foot onsen

Summit Snack

Cycling Route

Our hill climb on bikes

Morning Coffee

Odake Hut

Yeah, its Raining

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