Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hakkoda Summer Hike

The Northern Hakkoda Range has many loops and even more possible if you have 2 cars, so if you are not doing an out and back climb, try this one.  Our day started out at Sukayu Onsen and ended at the top of the Hakkoda Ropeway Station.  We bagged the 3 main peaks along the way Mt. Odake 1585 meter, Mt. Idodake 1550 meters and Mt. Akakuradake 1548 meters before descending to the Top of the Ropeway station and taking the Tram down to save my old man knees.  Lots of different weather and hiking conditions as Hakkoda always does. Muddy at the bottom, foggy from mid mountain up and windy and rainy towards the top and even some snow crossing.  Just another day at Hakkoda!  I love Mukai-san and all his gear, man he's a professional hiker now.

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