Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gentemstick Niseko Showroom

Traveling is all about the experiences and the people you meet along the way.  The Gentemstick store in Niseko was a true highlight of the trip for me. Taro Tamai is the Director/ Snowsurfer of Gentemstick and he is living the dream of surfing, snowboarding and taking photos in Hokkaido and all over the world.  A true living Legend in the surf, snow community.  Gentemsticks are snowboards made by hand with love in Hokkaido for the snowsurfers.  Taro said if I get a Gentemstick, "it will change my life."  I am sure it would.  Taro has created something really special and pure that seems to get lost in the big business of snow/surf industry and it is what fuels our sport to begin with. Please support you local shops and Gentemstick!

So fortunate to meet you Taro...Hope to see in the water or Mountains in the future. 

 For more on Taro Tamai and Gentemstick check out the web below or on Facebook

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