Monday, October 18, 2010

Backcountry Safety

How safe are you? In the snowy backcountry there are always plenty of risk vs reward situations. Hopefully you choose wisely.  To keep things a little safer, I have purchased the Backcountry essentials for  Japow Tours courtesy of my good friends over at Porters Tahoe . I have total of 5 sets. These products will be available for rent if you do not have your own Avalanche Beacon, shovel or probe. As these 3 essentials will be required on all tours for your safety.  Its not just about having these items that keep you safe, its about the knowledge of using them in possible pressure situations. Beacon practice is a must if you venture in the Backcountry often or only once a season. You never know what your going to encounter in mother nature.  If you want to practice your skills, or how to properly use an Avalanche Beacon. I will hold practice sessions for those who want for free, on Saturday or Sunday afternoons until the Mountains open.  Beers and Beacons, who's in?
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