Monday, July 19, 2010

Mt. Fuji Hike

Took a quick trip to Tokyo and Fuji-san over the weekend. Hiking Mt Fuji is a pretty difficult day hike and fortunately we had great weather and our 3 month old son held his own and made to the Summit. Yeah, He was pretty heavy to carry. And no, I will not do it again, that is carry our child. Next time he will have to hike it on his own. It was a great experience as you stop at each station to have your Fuji-stick branded proving that you made it to each destination. Now who want to hike it in the winter? Coming down would be so much more fun...Tokyo pics coming soon.

630am Start time.
With our 3 month old

Branding the sticks

Almost there...
The Summit Shrine
Summit Station Hut..

Family Photo 
The way down


  1. It knew your blog seeing outdoor Japan.  
    im live near Mt. Fuji.
    so, your child is very amazing!!! super kids!
    A chip off the old block?
    i like your stlye.
    if you may ,next time comeing to fuji,then please check,visit a my job place! check it out.

  2. Hey N8,
    Thanks for checking out Boarder-san. I will forsure look you up next time I come to Fuji-san. Send me your address and Ill get some Stickers down to you.