Saturday, July 18, 2009

Foursquare Outerwear Post/ Sierra at Tahoe

So a couple of weeks ago foursquare asked us to do a little write up on your home resort and here you go. Sierra at Tahoe.

Check out the link and pic..thats yours truly getting some.

-Sierra at Tahoe

One of the last resorts in Tahoe where you can still have fun riding with your boys or girls for that matter.   I call this place home because on any given day it creates a good vibe factor. If you are traveling from Sacramento, take the US-50 East towards South Lake Tahoe.  If you made it to South Lake, you went to far.  Turn around and head on the US-50 WEST for 12 miles and its on your left.  From Sacramento it should take you no long then 1.5 hours by car, 83 miles. On a snowy day it could take you double the time depending if you have to chain up or not.  Usually around Twin Bridges is where you can pull over and chain up before you really climb in elevation.  If you are new at it, you can pay a guy 20 bucks and he will put the chains on for you. (novice city folks)  Once you have arrived at Sierra At Tahoe the morning coffee is starting to go through you and if your lucky its POW day.  If so, head straight for Grandview and pick off some of the best tree riding you can get in Tahoe.  With face shots, pillow drops and blind cliff drops Sierra trees will have you grinning from ear to ear.  If it’s a spring sunny day, sleep in show up around 1030am and head over to Westbowl and test your skills on the Bashful Park, it’ll sure to make you pucker.  If you are staying in South Lake stop off at Taqueria Jalisco for a beer and burrito to finish off the day.

-Paul V.



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